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Amendments to the Excise Tax Regulations - Alcoholic Beverages09 March 20161527
Amendments to the Excise Tax Regulations - Motor Vehicles09 March 20163905
Importers of Used Tyres04 March 20161569
Free Services offered at GRA12 February 20161721
Private Sector Meeting on FATCA08 February 20161470
1st Quarter Interest Rate 201628 December 20151536
Notice to Employers - Ascertaining the Chargeable Income11 November 20151257
Notice to all Stakeholders - Mortgage Interest Relief (Revised)11 November 2015998
Renewal of Liquor Licences23 September 20151387
Application for Customhouse Broker Licence03 July 20153308
Returns to be filed by Self-Employed Persons21 April 20151613
TaxTip#5: Requirements for Income Tax Return15 April 20151040
TaxTip#4: Tax Returns to be Filed13 April 20151229
TaxTip#3: Income Tax Threshold11 April 20151260
TaxTip#2: Issuance of 7B Slips09 April 20151308
TaxTip#1: Submission of Returns07 April 2015996
Free Taxation & Self-Employed Persons Workshop04 February 20151380
Pre-Qualification of Contractors for 201511 December 20141667
Pre-Qualification of Suppliers for 201511 December 20141175
Extended Working Hours- Customs & Trade Administration04 December 20141110
Importation of Cellular Phones22 October 20142992
Registration of Goods Vehicles02 September 20142431
How to pay your taxes through Mobile Money Guyana16 July 20142773
Boards of Review04 July 20148905
GRA commences business compliance visits 02 July 20141976
Application for Customhouse Broker Licence23 June 20142843
Interest Rate for the 3rd Quarter 201423 June 20141475
Thank You: Tax Sites 201420 May 20142207
Excise Notice: County of Essequibo25 February 20142577
List of Persons to uplift Refund Cheques (First Name: T-Z)18 February 20142920