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Restriction on importation of motor vehicles27 October 20171358
Cancellation of Unserviceable/Destroyed Vehicles11 October 2017372
Registration of Heavy Duty Vehicles/Equipment11 October 2017367
Sale of local acoholic beverages by sealed bids28 September 2017739
Sale of Liquor Licences25 September 2017744
Notice to the General Public: Impersonation of GRA Officers06 September 20171203
Notice to the General Public - Avoid the security risk!31 August 2017382
Want of Entry: Sale of Motor Vehicles by Sealed Bids24 August 2017767
Invitation For Bids: Supply and Delivery of Computer Items– Laptop Computers, Printers and Desktop Computers23 August 2017408
Invitation For Bids: Supply & Delivery of Laptop Computers23 August 2017401
FATCA | Reporting Portal22 August 2017825
Invitation For Bids: Supply and Delivery of Janitorial, Stationery & Ink Items22 August 2017633
Notice to Professionals (Practitioners' Fees)02 August 2017983
List of Successful Officers at the Customs Officer II Examination:26 July 2017543
List of Successful Officers at the Customs Officer I Supplemental Examination26 July 2017647
List of Successful Officers at the Customs Officer I Examination26 July 2017671
Implementation of Customs Measures for Courier Shipments Form C73A (Courier Declaration Form)17 July 20171093
Invitation For Bid: Supply and Delivery of Computer Items05 July 2017486
Notice - Registration of Heavy Duty Vehicles/ Equipment30 May 20171168
Custom Brokers' Examination22 May 2017762
Extension of Tax Sites 201728 April 2017638
Notice to Taxpayers: Late Filing Penalties07 April 2017923
Notice to Taxpayers: Tax Sites 2017 Locations07 April 20171807
Tax Sites 201707 April 20171401
Caribbean Organisation of Tax Administrators (COTA) 2017 Essay Competition27 March 20171794
Sale of Vehicles by Tender23 March 20172017
Trusted Trader Programme - Criteria for New Applicants07 March 20171638
Renewal of All Drivers’ Licence02 March 201735543
VAT and computers, computer printers 01 March 20174690
Provision of Duty Free Service- Incoming Area Cheddi Jagan International Airport, Timehri27 February 20171061