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WCO Secretary-General lauds GRA’s modernisation drive06 April 2018140
Property Tax - A Reminder 06 April 2018266
Valuation NOT required for land/property Certificate of Compliance27 March 20181785
Filing of Corporation Tax returns without Audited Financial Statements 27 March 2018417
Managerial changes within GRA in keeping with succession planning- Kaieteur News’ headline misleading22 March 2018540
WCO Secretary General visits GRA to discuss technical support, capacity building22 March 2018112
Re: Response to Letter “Do pensioners have an entitlement or does the GRA have discretion?”28 February 2018244
Filing of tax returns to be made much easier – GRA launches eServices07 February 20181129
Commissioner-General hosts anniversary staff, taxpayer appreciation 26 January 2018380
GRA visits Mabaruma to determine location for new tax office & service needs 25 January 2018587
Amnesty for Delinquent Taxpayers19 January 20181087
Impersonators of Licenced Customhouse Brokers and Officers of the GRA on the increase19 January 2018430
GRA engaging Stakeholders ahead of ASYCUDA launch12 January 2018564
Letter to Editor - Response to Kaieteur News article on the IMF TADAT Report22 December 2017585
Container scanning site being prepared at GNIC22 December 2017570
Excise Stamp Programme moves to Essequibo 29 November 2017960
Anti-Smuggling campaign continues with the introduction of the Excise Tax Stamp20 November 2017915
North West pupil wins COTA Essay competition 16 October 2017717
Re: The reason why Guyana needs Tax Reform13 October 2017501
Former AG’s attack on Revenue Authority uncalled for10 October 2017384
Re:Why does GRA no longer give mortgage interest relief to first-time home owners if they don't have taxable income?05 October 2017663
The Image of GRA is a work in progress13 September 2017758
Seized foreign chicken removed from cold storage facilities 22 August 2017839
Commissioner-General to share ExxonMobil contractual agreement with staff when necessary 10 August 2017514
Individual tax refunds – Cheques to be sent by registered Mail10 August 20171055
GRA introduces measures to expedite release of consignments via Courier19 July 20171263
Fake Guyana Revenue Authority Facebook Account created – general public urged to take caution19 June 2017927
Re: Smartphones should not be banned in GRA14 June 20171200
Re: Commissioner - General of GRA creating a repressive atmosphere14 June 2017718
GRA closely monitoring the reduction in VAT rate on prices of goods and services09 June 20171214