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GRA Commissions First Tax Centre at Diamond – Service hours inclusive of noon02 April 20151185
Undetermined Quantity of Cocaine Found in Charcoal Shipment at Linden01 April 2015658
GRA to open Tax Centre at Diamond on April 127 March 2015899
GRA Signs MOU with Small Business Bureau - More businesses to enter the formal economy23 March 20151056
Allegations against GRA Officers Should Be Reported To The Agency23 March 2015842
Misleading Headline Raises issue of Journalist’s Ethics -GRA cooperates fully with the AG’s Office18 March 2015893
Payment of MIR not hindered by GRA - Lending institutions urged to ensure payments are made in a timely manner 18 March 2015841
GRA Remains Focused on Regularizing Illegal Rum Shops - Need for partnership with Regional Chairmen in combating this social ill. 17 March 2015684
GRA revisits parking lot use after dismal occupation by taxpayers17 March 2015744
Transparency, accountability at the heart of GRA’s operations04 March 2015922
Liquor, Trade & Miscellaneous Licences Currently on Sale -All non compliant businesses are urged to purchase Licences now! 04 March 2015782
GRA committed to convenient parking amidst ongoing criticisms19 February 2015811
Tax Workshops for Self-Employed Persons Commence 10 February 20151229
GRA resolves matter of Tax Evasion regarding two Lexus- warns of harsh penalties for those bent on tarnishing the integrity of concession schemes06 February 2015897
GRA Taxpayer Parking Facility Now Available30 January 20151025
Linden Integrated Tax Office Restored30 January 20151188
M/V DeltaDiep Released26 January 20151392
Customs officials in Guyana and Suriname to continue dialogue on tackling smuggling21 January 20151564
Drug bust on foreign vessel - joint surveillance programme proving successful06 January 20151063
2014, a year of achievements - Revenue collection did exceedingly well 06 January 20151231
GRA stipulates new procedures for registering certain types of vehicles in ‘B’ Series 29 December 20141860
GRA’s performance has been epic over the past ten years- urges businesses to clean up their act and Journalists to be more professional and ethical05 December 2014936
Re: The Revenue Authority Act and the Commissioner-General02 December 2014956
Re: It's most certainly a plea bargain02 December 2014843
GRA to remain focused on its mandate and over $135B target for 201401 December 2014768
GRA optimistic about achieving 2014 revenue goal – challenges only served as springboard for greater strategic action 01 December 20141181
GRA expected to commence “TT” Motor Vehicle Registration Series shortly10 November 20141297
Re: “Sattaur collected full retirement package in 2012.” 30 October 20141200
GRA appreciates the Positive Views Expressed Amidst the Negative Publicity27 October 2014936
Demand for service determines sections in GRA that function during lunch hours27 October 20141066