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GRA has a Grievance Handling Procedure in place to resolve work related issues -letter should have been sent to the Agency22 October 20141003
AFC's call for Commissioner General's resignation borders on intimidation -Commissioner vows to ensure the mandate of the agency is carried out24 September 20141147
Persons contemplating use of Remigrant Scheme urged to be cognizant of relevant laws – GRA will do all in its power to protect the integrity of the scheme03 September 20141545
GRA soon to occupy Railway embankment parking facility – Urge taxpayers to take advantage of internet and other payment options03 September 20141267
GRA honours outstanding NGSA performers at 2014 bursary awards27 August 20141252
Re: ‘Who granted those multi-million $$$ duty free concessions to Bai Shan Lin?’ 21 August 20141384
Taxpayers Liquidate Judgments- Several judgments remain outstanding05 August 20141302
COTA Conference Concluded -Guyanese to serve as President to COTA’s Executive Council for the next two years 04 August 2014989
Delinquent taxpayers continue to delay payment of millions in refunds31 July 2014906
GRA’s LEID officials come under heavy gun fire as large quantity of smuggled chicken is seized18 July 20141040
Guyana to host 23rd General Assembly & Technical Conference of COTA14 July 20141219
GRA commences compliance checks on businesses countrywide 02 July 20141351
Payment of taxes now possible through Mobile Money Guyana01 July 20141593
Itacha Robbers not confirmed as Employees of GRA -officers follow established protocols when conducting operations26 June 20141047
GRA Participates in ‘Operation PANGEA VII’27 May 20141325
GBTI officially onboard with online/telebanking tax payment service21 May 20141938
RE: Clearing Customs and Immigration on both sides of Corentyne is chaotic21 May 20141477
GRA introduces new system for examination of Personal Effects -- Barrels to be randomly selected for manual examination21 May 20141272
GRA’s Auditors benefit from capacity building training16 May 20141111
GRA’s Officers Participate in joint Training Programme with CANU and GPF - Aims to build officers’ capacity in stymieing drug trade16 May 20141518
Paying your taxes online takes less than five minutes – Commissioner General implores taxpayers to take advantage of online payment options02 May 20141383
GRA not responsible for Traffic congestion -indiscipline on the part of drivers to be blamed02 May 2014895
April 30 -GRA Wraps Up 2014 Tax Site Campaign02 May 20141059
External Telephone Contact at GRA’s Headquarters28 April 20141829
Liquor, Trade & Miscellaneous Licences Currently on Sale -Compliance visits to be conducted simultaneously 24 April 20141325
GRA Seized over $30M in smuggled goods during 1st quarter of 2014 -North West District poses unique challenges03 April 20141401
New plastic drivers licence to be issued from March 20 – targeting first time licence applicants and renewals only20 March 20141331
GRA responds to GCCI business survey findings 19 March 20141010
GRA takes tax education to Qualfon 18 March 20141284
GRA Launches Internet & Tele-banking tax payment system and Automated Drivers Licence Card11 March 20141718