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GRA urges partnerships for progress - says development of its parking facility by a private company is worthy of emulation 30 October 20131001
Judgements Granted in Favour of GRA- maintains stance on taxes owed by DDL22 October 20131208
GRA commence granting Mortgage Interest Relief (MIR) to eligible taxpayers21 October 20132649
Renewable Energy Equipment and Appliances Exempt from Customs Duty and Zero rated for VAT11 October 20135198
Judgments Granted In Favour Of The GRA11 October 20132121
GRA has authority to administer the Law regarding Tax Practice Certificate – apologizes for the misleading article published in Kaieteur News02 October 20132024
GRA committed to effeciency in Trade – Urge persons not to dodge the process and to report officers who deviate from SOP30 September 20131307
GRA introduces additional motor vehicle services at its Regional offices24 September 20131526
Foreign Affairs Ministry, Guyana Revenue Authority facilitates five-day Trade Facilitation Workshop17 September 20131716
Duties and Taxes are calculated based on Standard Procedures05 September 201321518
GRA reduces paperwork for processing Customs Declarations03 September 20134684
GRA urges businesses to seek advice on computation of taxes and completion of Tax Returns02 September 20132281
Rice Shipment followed established SOPs - Internal investigations revealed no breaches by GRA 02 September 20131447
GRA’s 2013 Work-study programme comes to an end - Over seventy students benefited from the attachment programme02 September 20131708
Laws Governing the Importation of Goods Containing Ozone Depleting Substances Being Enforced -GRA Officers trained to properly address the issue07 August 20131688
GRA discovers illicit drugs in shipment of cars07 August 20131385
GRA’s Customs Officers Implicated in Airport Drug Discovery - Discovery made due to implemented monitoring system07 August 20131212
GRA working with Commercial Banks to establish Electronic Tax Payment systems 26 July 20131308
GRA continues its Anti-Smuggling Campaign -persons who obstruct the process will be prosecuted26 July 20131607
I am tremendously disturbed and embarrassed over these reports of extreme provocation to members of the public and will spare no effort to ensure that there is no repeat of this situation." - Commissioner General, Khurshid Sattaur23 July 20132446
Interview with Guyana Times "New CJIA scanner catching ‘front-door’ tax cheats – Sattaur23 July 20138438