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New Administrative and Miscellaneous Customs related fees to commence February 01, 2017- based on amendments to the Customs Act 16 January 20171345
Importers urged to submit Health/Free Sale Certificate-in compliance with Government Analyst Food & Drug Department requirement 01 December 20161506
Registration of “CJ” motor-cycle Series to commence shortly04 November 20161174
Commissioner-General reminds GRA’s staff to be professional – vows to deal with dishonest officers in a condign manner27 October 20161159
Jamaican Poultry Feed meets origin requirements20 October 20161273
GRA lectures Linden contractors on Tax Obligations05 October 20161083
GRA reaffirms commitment to monitoring of ports for ozone depleting equipment – on International Day for the Preservation of the Ozone Layer16 September 2016976
GRA bids farewell, best wishes to students as Work Study attachment ends 30 August 20161164
Mill Test Certificates to now accompany all Declarations for imported steel25 August 20161703
GRA commences Customs Officer Training23 August 20165481
Importation of motor vehicles older than eight years restricted!!16 August 20162527
No circular/correspondence issued to brokers/ stakeholders on increase in steel prices- Customs Duty applied to be based on correct Classification15 August 20161145
GRA’s Commissioner General tells Upper Corentyne Chamber of plans to improve access to essential tax services08 August 20161103
New Commissioner-General reacquaints with GRA staff and operations29 July 20164533
Allegations against officers under investigation29 July 20161082
Customs Officers focusing on trade in biological agents, radioactive materials, dual use chemicals26 July 2016946
GRA reaches more taxpayers during Ministry of the Presidency led outreach in Linden18 July 20161056
GRA enlightens teachers on tax compliance, refunds24 June 20161307
Re: The GRA and its continuing woes22 June 20161112
Re: “Open Letter to GRA Commissioner General”10 June 20161327
GRA holds discussions with Linden shop owners to re-emphasize Compliance regulations 06 June 2016960
GRA expresses gratitude to its Internal Auditors -urges that they strive to maintain confidentiality 02 June 2016821
GRA’s Enforcement continues its fight against smuggling- Regional compliance campaign launched18 May 20161159
GRA goes the extra mile to promote tax education – campaigns in Essequibo, Demerara, Berbice, Rupununi22 April 2016980
GRA drug bust: Cocaine unearthed in plywood destined for the US21 April 20161312
GRA opens Tax Sites at Headquarters, City Mall, Muneshwers 21 April 20161148
GRA's Settlement with DDL avoided additional years of litigation19 April 20161164
Re: GRA unit head claims restriction, not ban on used tyre imports 11 March 2016883
GRA’s Board and seniors identify priorities at retreat22 February 20161140
Re: ‘Three Customs workers held…over cocaine found on Dynamic flight’22 February 2016923