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Concerns about condition of GRA’s Headquarters not being ignored -long term and short term measures are under consideration11 November 2015723
Excise Tax under review -Tax Stamps to be implemented11 November 20151076
Mr. Kissoon’s complaints about the GRA are exaggerated11 November 2015657
GRA questions newsworthiness of recent newspaper article22 September 2015871
GRA commended for efforts at monitoring ozone depleting substances – at World Ozone Day observance21 September 2015947
Truck carrying 400 boxes of smuggled chicken detained11 September 2015790
Finance Minister approves zero-rating of VAT on additional food supplies, essential commodities 03 September 20151487
GRA concerned about implications of customs officers’ involvement in gold smuggling 27 August 20151117
Directives to communicate information and confidentiality24 August 20151518
GRA not to be sidetracked by opportunistic views 17 August 2015910
GRA welcomes Finance Minister’s enhanced capacity vision 13 August 2015913
GRA holds fruitful discussions with PSC, GMSA06 August 2015968
GRA urges Senior Management staff to Utilize Outstanding Annual Leave21 July 20151046
Berbice Anti Smuggling Squad Disbanded -Operations to be incorporated into LEID17 July 20151203
GRA makes further amendments to Customs import policy 09 July 20151031
GRA determined to tackle the drug trade amid challenges03 July 20151484
Personal effects now subject to random inspections25 June 20151314
A mischievous claim about internal affairs at the GRA15 June 2015949
Re: Those who passed customs-broker exam in October 2014 still waiting for licences04 June 20151034
GRA deems comments on Warehouse theft irresponsible 03 June 20151031
Allegation of Robbery within GRA’s Parking Lot to be investigated -Findings will be made public01 June 2015804
Security Firm Personnel Positively Identified in Video Footage -accomplices named01 June 2015677
Six Million Dollars worth of Seized liquor discovered stolen -Footage implicates contracted security service personnel28 May 2015770
GRA Introduces Another Online Service – Licence Transaction Checker - Public encouraged to take full advantage 28 May 2015999
A ‘Sleeping’ Organization does not consecutively exceed its target -GRA uses structured methodological approach for risk assessment 08 May 2015888
Mini Vans imported but not registered by May 15 will lose tax concessions27 April 20151113
GRA has zero tolerance for unprofessional conduct23 April 2015896
Re: Why is meal allowance being taxed?20 April 20154123
Compliance with VAT pricing and advertising policy still lacking20 April 20151122
GRA meets other stakeholders to advance WTO Trade Facilitation Agreement10 April 2015958