Personal Exports - General Items


  • Exporters must submit documents requesting examination of outgoing cargo along with Forms C43, C12 (a Form C12 is only used when cargo is loaded on or off a sufferance wharf) and a letter requesting examination where applicable;
  • An examination of the cargo is then conducted by the Customs & Trade Administration (C &TA);
  • After the examination is conducted, it is recorded on the Form C72. Approval is then given for the goods to be loaded on the vessel in the presence of the Customs personnel and officials from the respective agencies; It must be noted that, vessels 100 tons or less loaded in Anna Regina can be granted clearance by the Supervisor of the branch office. However, if the vessel exceeds 100 tons then clearance must be obtained from the relevant personnel at the C & TA, Georgetown;
  • The Contents slip, Shipping bill (this must be certified shipped before files are sent to Quality Review) and other documents relating to the cargo are compiled into a file and entered into an outgoing register and given a rotation number.