Registration Of New Motor Vehicle

New Fees:  $1,000.00 (Motor Cycles)

                    $2,000.00 (Other Motor Vehicles)

                    $1,000.00 (Trailers)

                    Drivers over 65 Years of Age (Free)

Estimated Processing Time: 1 business day

3.    Valid identification.  Original and copy of Passport or National ID
4.    Original invoice
5.    Overseas Certification of Registration or an original cancellation letter of registration of title issued by the relevant agency in the country of origin, if it is a used or reconditioned motor vehicle
6.    Completed Customs Declaration  C72 or C73  form which should clearly and legibly identify the chassis number and engine number of the vehicle
7.    Title: this provides information to the country of origin of the sale and all other information pertaining to the motor vehicle.
8.    Tax exemption letter issued by the Tax Exemptions Processing and Verification Unit (formerly GRA Remissions Unit) located at the GRA's Headquarters, 200-201 Camp Street, Georgetown if tax exemption is granted.
9.    Bill of Lading
10.  Vehicle must be presented for examination.
1.    The applicant must submit all documents to the Officer.
2.    The vehicle will be inspected by an Officer.
3.   The applicant will be directed to the lodgment area while his/her documents are being processed.
4.   Once all documents are verified, the Officer will direct the applicant to the Cashier to make the required payment and uplift the licence.
5.   The applicant will further be directed to the dispatch desk to follow the final necessary procedures and uplift his/her Registration.