Taxes - Paying Taxes


Generally, the Guyana Revenue Authority accepts payments at all its locations country wide. Payments can be made by cash, cheque, money order, manager cheque, bank draft and where available, Republic One Debit Card.


Taxpayers making payments should possess knowledge of the following when making payments:

 It is advisable for taxpayers to produce documentary proof of transaction to be settled (e.g. tax return, notice of assessment, interest / penalty notices, demand notices etc) when making as this will assist in having transactions accurately processed.

Payments made by cheque etc should be prepared in favour of Guyana Revenue Authority and should be:

  •  Words and figures correspond
  •  Alterations on body of cheque are properly initialed.

Taxpayers are given a receipt for every payment made. They should ensure that receipts accurately reflect the Tax Type, period, year and amount for payments made. Any discrepancies should be communicated immediately to cashiering staff in order to have these remedied with minimum delay.


Please note: Taxpayers who pay with cheques that are subsequently dishonoured by the bank due to insufficient funds are blacklisted. Taxpayers on the blacklist are restricted from making payments with company /personal cheques for a period of six months for the first infraction. Subsequent occurrences will result in this restriction being imposed for twelve months or permanently. When these restrictions are imposed, defaulting taxpayers are required to make all payments by either Manager's Cheque or cash.


Dishonoured cheques result in original transactions being reversed and interest and penalties being incurred if repayments are made after tax due dates.