Un-licenced bars and rum shops

The Guyana Revenue Authority has observed an increase in the number of bars/liquor shops selling alcohol without licence. The Authority would like to remind owners that the practice is illegal in accordance with Section 79 of the Intoxicating Liquor Licencing Act, Chapter 82:21 which states that: -

  • “Everyone found selling, or offering or exposing for sale any spirituous liquor or any wine or malt liquor at any place other than in a place or premises duly licensed under this Act, who does not produce a licence authorizing the sale or the offering or exposing for sale, of wine, malt liquor, or spirituous liquor at the time when and at the place where he is so found selling it, or offering it for sale, may be arrested by the Commissioner and anyone authorized by him and detained until he can be brought before a Magistrate and dealt with according to law, and the wine, malt liquor or spirituous liquor, so sold, or offered or exposed for sale, with the packages containing it, shall be seized and forfeited.”

The Revenue Authority therefore urges bars/rum shop owners to take necessary action to regularise their operations.

For further information on acquiring a licence or provisional licence persons can contact GRA’s Tax Advisory Services on telephone numbers 227-8222 or 227-6060 extension 1201 - 1204.


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