Registration of Goods Vehicles

The Guyana Revenue Authority wishes to inform the general public that the following requirements must be met before a vehicle can be registered for the purpose of Goods Transportation:

  • The applicant MUST have a registered business to justify the use of a goods transportation vehicle. 
  • The vehicle must have seats fitted at the FRONT for the driver and two(2) porters "ONLY".
  • The right and left sides of the vehicle must be completely sealed with metal NOT glass.
  • The registration must indicate the APPROVED number of passengers, which is three (3); one driver and two porters.
  • The unladen weight of the vehicle, name and address of the registered owner should be painted on the right side door of the vehicle.

Further, persons are reminded that before the registration of a vehicle can be changed for the purpose of carrying goods, approval must be granted by the Commissioner General, through the Tax Exemption Processing & Verification Division.