Customs Declaration Status Description


LodgedThe declaration has been assigned a reference number and is awaiting Data Entry
Data EntryThe declaration is currently being keyed. The possible causes for an incomplete declaration can be due to incomplete data entry or a query being raised (this is not an exhaustive list). After errors are resolved (either internally or externally) the declaration will ( or may) be subjected to profiling by the Risk Profiling Unit (RPU)
Data EntryThe declaration items have been keyed and is waiting to be routed for risk profiling. After submission the declaration status goes into Enforcement Check Due
Enforcement Check DueThe declaration has not received a profiling instruction. The RPU is responsible for determining the next steps for the transaction. The declaration can be flagged for Document Review or Goods Check Due
Document ReviewThe declaration is awaiting the physical documents to be presented to RPU for further checks. Based on the outcome of the checks the next steps of the transaction will be determined. Upon completion the declaration may be routed to Amend Due or Awaiting Print of Assessment Notice
Amend DueThe original declaration has been reassessed by RPU and must be amended to reflect the adjustments. After completing the amendment, the declaration will be sent to Awaiting Print Of Assessment Notice
Awaiting Print of Assessment NoticeThe declaration is awaiting the Asssement Notice to be printed. The declaration will then proceed to the Awaiting Payment stage.
Awaiting PaymentThe declaration is awaiting payment by local trader but must first be picked up from the "lodgement desk" for payment.After payments, the taxpayer will proceed to the wharf for further checks (if required)
AmendingThe declaration is in the process of being amended. Upon completion, the declaration will be sent to Awaiting Payment
Goods Check DueThe declaration is awaitng a physical goods inspection. The percentage will be determined by the RPU. After completion the declaration will be sent to Release Due
Release DueThe consginment that the declaration represents is ready to be released to the local trader. Upon completion the declaration will be Released. If the declaration is a warehouse transaction, the declaration will be sent to Await Warehouse Entry (In the System)
ReleasedThe declaration has been completely processed by the GRA.