Terms of Reference (TOR) – Proposal for Provision of Canteen Services


Terms of Reference (TOR) – Proposal for Provision of Canteen Services

The Revenue Authority invites proposals from suitably, qualified and experienced canteen operators to provide canteen services to GRA’s main office, 200 – 201 Camp Street, Georgetown. The mission of the Authority is to promote compliance with Guyana's Tax, Trade and Border Laws and Regulations, through education, quality service and responsible enforcement programmes, thereby contributing to the economic wellbeing of the people of Guyana.  The Authority employs in excess of nine hundred and sixty (960) staff located at various regions. It is estimated that three hundred (300) staff at Head Quarters will use the service. The proposals should reflect the diversity of religious background of the staff/persons. Occasionally, there will be special demands placed on the Canteen Operator to provide packages for workshops, training and conferences.

The objective of this Request for Proposal is to find an individual / entity that will be able to offer a standard, predictable, repeatable staff centered canteen service at the GRA office premises.

The scope of the Agreement/Contract is to provide balanced nutritional, healthy and tasty meals inclusive of snacks to staff and on occasions, to visitors during workshops, conferences and meetings.

Based on the quality of the proposal submitted, GRA intends to select applicants for interview to be conducted by a Committee.
Further, the successful applicant is expected to conclude a Service Contract/Agreement with the GRA.

GRA is responsible for availing the premises from 08:00 hrs. - 16:30 hrs. from Mondays to Thursdays and 08:00 hrs. - 15:30 hrs. on Fridays; providing a kitchen area; good ventilation and Cooling system, electrical power supply, water supply, dining area and a local telephone line.


The Operator shall be responsible for:

  1. Maintaining the cleanliness and sanitation of the Canteen
  2. Providing furniture, fixture and equipment and Exhaust fan for the operation of the canteen
  3. Providing  subsidy for electricity and water supply
  4. Ensuring that all personnel under its employ must wear the following:
  • Identification Card issued by the Operator
  • Hairnet
  • Appropriate uniforms at all times
  • Apron
  • Gloves while preparing food
  • Appropriate footwear

       v.   Ensuring that the quality of all the foods, either raw or processed, complies with sanitation standard.  
       vi.  Ensuring that updated Food Handling Certificates are obtained.
       vii. Ensuring that the quality of food and service presented during the food tasting be maintained throughout the term of concession.
       viii. Ensuring cleanliness and proper hygiene in the preparation, handling and serving of food;  
       ix.  Ensuring that there are adequate garbage receptacles for proper garbage disposal.
       x.   Ensure that the Canteen is a “No Smoking” area.

Duration of Contract
The contract duration is one (1) year. The contract/service agreement can be renewed based on performance, Client Satisfaction Surveys and Canteen Committee recommendations.

Termination of Contract
GRA reserves the right to pre-terminate the contract for the operator’s breach of any of the provisions of the contract or poor performance including sustenance of sanitary preparation and cooking of the food, subject to sixty (30) days prior notice.

Basic Qualification Requirement
An applicant must have a proven track record in canteen/ restaurant operation for at least two (2) years.

Scope of work
Opening and closing hours recommended:

  • 08:00hrs. – 16:30 hrs. Mondays to Thursdays
  • 08:00 hrs. - 15:30 hrs. on Fridays

Note: If the Canteen is contracted to provide a Catering service, it may be requested to provide meals, snacks and beverages for some events/ meetings outside the normal working hours.

Menu List
The applicantis required to submit Menus which should be consistent with various dishes amendable to the GRA.

  • Breakfast (starting at 8:00 hrs.)
  • Lunch (starting at 12:00 hrs.)
  • Snacks starting at 14:30 hrs. or time amendable to the contractor.

Payments at the Canteen
The canteen operator must provide a cash register and may make provision to accept credit cards (specified) and other non-cash facilities.
The contractor should state the technical requirements that may be needed to enable the service provider to arrange for providing the various payment facilities/terminals.

Proposals need to contain the following elements:

  1. Four (4) example menus.
  2. One (1) Meeting package for twenty (20) persons with relative prices.
  3. Description of the cooking process: It should also explain how hygiene will be promoted in the kitchen where the food is prepared and kept.
  4. Limited cooking maybe allowed on GRA’s premises.
  5. Two (2) Letters of Recommendation from previous clients which will be evaluated with other attributes according to the following criteria and weight given: Price (30 %); Quality of food menus (40%); Cooking/ preparation process (30%).

Deadline for submission of Proposals:
Proposals should be labelled CANTEEN OPERATION and submitted on or before Friday January 26, 2018 @15:30 hrs to the following address:

Guyana Revenue Authority
Procurement Unit
200 – 201 Camp Street
Tel# 227-6060
Ext: 4503/4101