Terms of Reference (TOR): Motor Vehicle Registration Plates System



Terms of Reference –Motor Vehicle Registration Plates System

A review of the current system reveals that the Vehicle Identification particulars are set out in the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Chapter 51:02 and its corresponding Regulations. Under the current system, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) has the administrative and functional responsibility for dealing with issues related to the registration, transfer and adjustments of particulars regarding registrable vehicles, including rights to assign, issue, monitor and maintain the Register of Identification Marks, which are executed through the License Revenue Office (LRO). Notwithstanding, the Traffic Department of the Guyana Police Force is the main Enforcement Agency, tasked with the prosecution of offenders found to be non-compliant.

The increases in cases of vehicles involved in negative revenue activities and the numerous incidences of unresolved Motor Vehicles Offences are of much concern to the GRA, Government and citizens. Further the current laws are not adequate to address the many challenges of the current regulatory environment, and the combined impact of the several changes to the decades old Motor Vehicle Legislation, has not sufficiently suppressed or reversed the negative perceptions. It is widely accepted and very relevant that the current debacle is contributed to by the existence of a lack of uniformity and easily interchangeable Motor Vehicle Registration/Number plates, which often do not have characteristics to enhance or aid identification.

In 2012, the GRA undertook the upgrade and automation of the License Revenue Processing System (LRPS), which to some extent has served to improve the regulatory and access to data concerning Registered Motor Vehicles at its License Revenue Office. Based on information accessed from the LRPS database, current trends indicate that approximately an average of 11,000 vehicles have been registered annually over the past 5 years.
Notwithstanding, the improvements have not served to support effective and proactive planning regarding vehicles used in criminal activities nor identification of vehicles on which taxes have been evaded. Since the high associated security and revenue risks remain, it is therefore imperative for the strengthening of regulatory framework and for the existing registration plate system upgraded to international standards.

The purpose of this project is to strengthen the security system regarding registered Motor Vehicles, and enhance applicable revenue collection by deterring incidences of clandestine activities through the implementation and management of a modernized Motor Vehicle Registration/ Number plate system.
The primary objective of this project is to upgrade the current application of vehicle identification with the mandatory use of standardize License Plates on current and future registered motor vehicles, by including features that would enhance the identification of Registered Vehicles and be effective against falsification, counterfeiting.

In collaboration with the GRA, the selected vendor will:

  1. Design, supply and install ‘forge-proof’ Registration/Number Plates having embossed or irremovable letters and numbers, with special security and reflective features that would allow for enhanced photographic properties and acceptable night verification of the identification particulars.
  2.  Supply and install complementary holographic stickers with RFID capabilities containing approved encrypted data regarding the vehicle and owner that will be placed on the windshields or designated area for Motor Cycle type vehicles.
  3. Ensure the production of Motor Vehicle Registration/Number Plates are in accordance with the legal specifications in the Regulations to the Motor Vehicle and Road Traffic Act Cap. 51:02.
  4. Ensure the update to the database are made immediately with information regarding the completion of installation of approved Registration/Number Plates and complementary holographic Tags where applicable.
  5. Supply and install on approved registered vehicles, complementary holographic tags with approved encrypted motor vehicle particulars.
  6. Provide recommendations for maximization of security features and options for capturing all the relevant data to inform ‘real time’ accurate reports concerning Law Enforcement Queries.
  7. Provide recommendations and best alternative payment options for implementation, as regard to the identification of already registered Motor Vehicles entered into Guyana on a temporary basis, based on established Bilateral Agreements with other countries (Brazil & Suriname).
  8. Be bounded to exercise strictest levels of confidentiality as regards to shared automated information contained in the Register of Motor Vehicles and other taxes related particulars accessed during performance obligations, except in cases where immediate access is allowed to approved personnel from monitoring and enforcement agencies under conditions of an established Memorandum of Understanding.
  9. Incorporate and implement an approach that will take advantage of the currently available photographic technology as evidence where possible, to support the successful prosecution of Offenders under current legislation or additional necessary legislative amendments to be proposed.
  10. Provide suitable options for ensuring efficiency in the installation of Registration/Number Plates using a decentralized approach, considering the need to facilitate taxpayers in keeping with Regional Offices structure, to access and timely update the database.
  11. Be responsible for the acquisition and maintenance of necessary offices, tools and equipment to support performance obligations under the project.
  12. Recover incurred expenditure costs and profits, from the sale proceeds of and installation Registration/Number Plates at agreed prices established; and conditions set out in contractual undertakings with the Government over an agreed period.

1. The assessment of the GRA’s requirements and operations must be completed within one (1) month of the start of the contract.
2. The production of the design and establishment of equipment should be completed within two (2) months of the contract’s start date.
3. The production and installation of Registration/Number Plates should start within two (2) weeks of finalizing the design
Consideration of adjustments to this timeframe may be given in collaboration with the selected vendor at the first project meeting.

The vendor should be an experienced supplier of highly secured Motor Vehicle Registration/Number Plates solutions. They should have expertise in developing and providing Registration/Number Plates particularly suited to enhancing security in the local environment. The vendor must have competencies in producing and issuing the Registration/Number Plates as well as systems development, training and integration.
Proof of previous work and references from previous clients must be submitted.

The contract will be subject to specific renewable timelines and particular conditions of adequate notice with respect to performance and termination. The selected vendor will not operate in the GRA’s Headquarters and shall be required to consent to maintaining the confidentiality and security of the data.

Proposals should be labelled MOTOR VEHICLE REGISTRATION PLATES and submitted on or before March 15, 2018 @15:30 hrs. to the following address:

Law Enforcement and Investigation Division
Guyana Revenue Authority
200 – 201 Camp Street
Tel# 227-6060
Ext: 3200-3201