Invitation For Bid (IFB)- Construction of Living Quarters - Linden (Extension of Bid Opening Date)

Invitation for Bids (IFB)
Extension of Bid Opening Date
        Co-operative Republic of Guyana

Name of Project – Construction of Living Quarters at Linden, Region No. 10.

  1. The Guyana Revenue Authority now invites sealed bids from eligible and prequalified bidders for Construction of Living Quarters at Linden, Region No. 10.
  2. Bidding will be conducted through the National Competitive Bidding (NCB) procedures, specified in the Procurement Act 2003, and is open to all bidders, subject to provisions of Section IV (Eligible Countries) of this document.
  3. Interested eligible bidders may obtain further information from Procurement Office and inspect the Bidding Documents at the Procurement Unit, GRA Headquarters, 200-201 Camp St., G/town from 08:30 hours to 15:30 hours.
  4. A complete set of Bidding Documents in English can be obtained by interested bidders at Guyana Revenue Authority  upon payment of a non-refundable fee of  three thousand dollars ($3000) Guyana Dollars.  The method of payment will be cash.  The Bidding Documents will be uplifted from the Procurement Office, Guyana Revenue Authority, 200-201 Camp Street, Georgetown.  Telephone # 592-227-822 Ext 4506.
  5. Bid opening date is being extended from October 23, 2018 to October 30, 2018.
  6. Bids must be delivered to the Chairman, National Procurement and Tender Administration Board, Ministry of Finance, Main and Urquhart Sts on or before 09:00 hours on Tuesday October 23, 2018.
  7. Electronic bidding will not be permitted. Late bids will be rejected.  Bids will be opened in the presence of the bidders’ representatives who choose to attend in person at the National Procurement and Tender Administration Boardroom at 09:00 hrs on Tuesday October 30, 2018.
  8. Bids must be clearly labelled: “Construction of Living Quarters at Linden, Region No. 10”. Bids which are NOT clearly labelled will not be opened.