Preparer of Returns

The Guyana Revenue Authority wishes to notify all tax practice professionals that the term “Preparer of Returns” has been included and clearly defined for the purposes of the issue of Practice Certicates.

In light of same, Section 37 (15) of the Tax Act, Chapter 80:01, has been revised to include the profession “Preparer of Returns”, which is defined as “… any person whose occupation entails the preparing for compensation of, all or a substantial portion of any return of tax or any claim for refund of tax, and who has passed a competency test which is required and administered by the Revenue Authority, in matter of knowledge, ethics and other areas considered essential by the Commissioner – General; or persons, who in the opinion of the Commissioner – General signified to such persons in writing,  perform functions or a professional character, normally carried out by persons entitled to use such a designation.”

As such, individuals who are in the business of assisting with the completion of tax returns, requesting claims on behalf of clients as it relates to tax refunds, will be deemed a professional under the term “Preparer of Returns”. Therefore, he/she will be subject to all conditions and obligations applicable to all other categories of tax professionals, with respect to the applicable fee of Twenty Thousand Guyana Dollars (G$20,000.00) and the issuance of a Tax Practice Certificate.