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Tax Sites to be established in Georgetown19 April 20161150
Changes in Airport Tax11 April 20164748
Set-off of Liability by the Commissioner General on outstanding taxes01 April 20161468
Submission of Income Tax Return01 April 20165947
Increase of Personal Deduction (Income Tax Threshold/Statutory Allowance)01 April 20168863
Withholding Tax Exemption01 April 20162432
Amendments to Liquor Licences01 April 20161711
Amendments to Trade Licence Fees01 April 20161496
Licence Revenue Office - Extended Working Hours01 April 20161892
Amendments to Hucksters Licencing Act24 March 20161946
Amendments to Motor Vehicle Act (Other Licences)24 March 20162434
Amendments to Licencing Fees of Motor Vehicles24 March 20166305
2nd Quarter Interest Rate 201621 March 20162024
Income Tax Workshops (Georgetown)18 March 20161382
Amendment to Value Added Tax Act No. 10 of 200509 March 20162391
Amendments to the Excise Tax Regulations - Alcoholic Beverages09 March 20161953
Amendments to the Excise Tax Regulations - Motor Vehicles09 March 20164403
Importers of Used Tyres04 March 20161792
Free Services offered at GRA12 February 20162055
Private Sector Meeting on FATCA08 February 20161704
1st Quarter Interest Rate 201628 December 20151724
Notice to Employers - Ascertaining the Chargeable Income11 November 20151485
Notice to all Stakeholders - Mortgage Interest Relief (Revised)11 November 20151125
Renewal of Liquor Licences23 September 20151685
Application for Customhouse Broker Licence03 July 20153588
Returns to be filed by Self-Employed Persons21 April 20151817
TaxTip#5: Requirements for Income Tax Return15 April 20151191
TaxTip#4: Tax Returns to be Filed13 April 20151363
TaxTip#3: Income Tax Threshold11 April 20151588
TaxTip#2: Issuance of 7B Slips09 April 20151651