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Corporation Tax returns with draft financial statements09 August 2018335
Application for Customhouse Brokers Licence08 August 20181531
Processing of Declarations in ASYCUDA World03 August 2018661
Tax Amnesty: Delinquent Taxpayer21 June 2018495
Notice the General Public: Avoid the Security Risk!21 June 2018928
Importation of glazed/unglazed tiles from Brazil 08 June 2018535
Invitation For Bid: Supply and Delivery of Surveillance Cameras & Equipment30 May 2018477
GRA impersonators have resurfaced - Be on the look out! 24 May 20183155
Tax exemptions on goods imported by Diplomats15 May 2018567
Tax exemptions on Bio-Degradable Containers15 May 2018476
Tax exemptions on Solar Equipment15 May 20181458
CUSTOMS NOTICE: To All Licenced Customs Brokers and Companies’ Brokers11 May 2018611
GRA's Switchboard08 May 2018527
Stamping of Tobacco Products04 May 2018868
Cut-Off Date for Alcohol Stamps04 May 2018288
Tax Sites in Region 525 April 2018230
Coasting Aircraft and Ships20 April 2018313
Unlicenced Motor Vehicles18 April 2018674
Vacation Allowance is Tax-Free17 April 2018947
List of Professionals issued Tax Practice Certificates from January - March 201812 April 20181366
CUSTOMS NOTICE: To All Carriers, Carriers’ Agents and Consolidators03 April 2018604
Delinquent Taxpayers to be Granted Tax Amnesty15 March 20181229
Tax Amnesty15 March 2018781
Excise Notice: County of Essequibo (2nd Quarter)15 March 2018272
Excise Notice: County of Berbice (2nd Quarter)15 March 2018293
Excise Notice: County of Demerara (2nd Quarter)15 March 2018227
Excise Notice: County of Demerara - New & Transfer of Licences (1st Quarter)15 March 2018272
Excise Notice: County of Berbice - New & Transfer of Licences (1st Quarter)15 March 2018292
Customhouse Brokers' Training12 March 20181142
Expression of Interest: Provision of Duty Free Service (Diplomatic Shop)07 March 2018883