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GRA impersonators have resurfaced - Be on the look out! 24 May 20183225
Tax exemptions on goods imported by Diplomats15 May 2018643
Tax exemptions on Bio-Degradable Containers15 May 2018534
Tax exemptions on Solar Equipment15 May 20181633
CUSTOMS NOTICE: To All Licenced Customs Brokers and Companies’ Brokers11 May 2018680
GRA's Switchboard08 May 2018585
Stamping of Tobacco Products04 May 2018987
Cut-Off Date for Alcohol Stamps04 May 2018334
Coasting Aircraft and Ships20 April 2018372
Unlicenced Motor Vehicles18 April 2018724
Vacation Allowance is Tax-Free17 April 20181156
List of Professionals issued Tax Practice Certificates from January - March 201812 April 20181431
CUSTOMS NOTICE: To All Carriers, Carriers’ Agents and Consolidators03 April 2018665
Delinquent Taxpayers to be Granted Tax Amnesty15 March 20181303
Tax Amnesty15 March 2018856
VAT Exemption on Housing Units 15 February 20181430
Tax Exemptions on motor vehicles for Public Transportation15 February 2018905
Sliding scale based on gold price percentage15 February 2018556
Notice to Tributors15 February 2018756
NO VAT to be charged on Educational Services 15 February 2018760
Tax Exemptions on LPG Vehicles & Refilling Stations15 February 2018878
Application of Excise Stamps on Tobacco Products06 February 2018712
Customhouse Broker License05 February 2018749
Reminder to Beneficiaries of Tax Exemptions25 January 2018937
Notice: Excise Stamp (Cut-Off Date)27 November 2017981
Excise Stamp Notice: Completion of Registration & Inventory Forms06 November 20171193
NOTICE to Importers, Retailers, Resellers of Alcohol and Tobacco Products06 November 20171808
Notice to all Shippers31 October 20171234
Importation of motor vehicles four years and under27 October 20172448