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VAT Exemption on Housing Units 15 February 20181346
Tax Exemptions on motor vehicles for Public Transportation15 February 2018756
Sliding scale based on gold price percentage15 February 2018484
Notice to Tributors15 February 2018691
NO VAT to be charged on Educational Services 15 February 2018668
Tax Exemptions on LPG Vehicles & Refilling Stations15 February 2018788
Vehicles used exclusively in the Tourism Industry15 February 20181010
Terms of Reference (TOR): Motor Vehicle Registration Plates System09 February 20181390
Expression of Interest: Motor Vehicle Registration Plates09 February 20181281
Application of Excise Stamps on Tobacco Products06 February 2018644
Renewal Deadline for Customhouse Brokers License05 February 2018382
Customhouse Broker License05 February 2018706
Reminder to Beneficiaries of Tax Exemptions25 January 2018879
Terms of Reference (TOR) – Proposal for Provision of Canteen Services23 January 20181457
Zero-Rated Supplies19 January 20186430
Exempt Supplies19 January 20182684
Excise Notice - County of Essequibo (1st Quarter)04 January 2018650
Notice: Excise Stamp (Cut-Off Date)27 November 2017919
Excise Stamp Notice: Completion of Registration & Inventory Forms06 November 20171091
NOTICE to Importers, Retailers, Resellers of Alcohol and Tobacco Products06 November 20171618
Notice to all Shippers31 October 20171137
Importation of motor vehicles four years and under27 October 20172252
Restriction on importation of motor vehicles27 October 20172365
Cancellation of Unserviceable/Destroyed Vehicles11 October 2017726
Registration of Heavy Duty Vehicles/Equipment11 October 2017880
Notice to the General Public: Impersonation of GRA Officers06 September 20171649
Notice to the General Public - Avoid the security risk!31 August 2017750
FATCA | Reporting Portal22 August 20171470
Notice to Professionals (Practitioners' Fees)02 August 20171545