A business must be registered with the GRA and display the VAT Certificate before charging VAT.
Registration is categorised in Section 11 of the VAT Act of 2005 as being mandatory or voluntary; the criteria governing each type of registration are listed below:
Mandatory Registration
(a) Where the taxable activity equals or exceeds the threshold of fifteen million Guyana dollars (G$15,000,000.00) at the end of twelve (12) months, or where the taxable activity exceeds the threshold in less than 12 months, the person carrying on the taxable activity must register for VAT, and
(b) Where the taxable activity is expected to exceed the threshold in any period,during the next twelve months, the person carrying on the taxable activity must register.
Voluntary Registration: -
If  your  taxable  turnover  is below  the  G$15,000,000.00 threshold,  you  may  apply  for  Voluntary  Registration. However, applicants for voluntary registration must satisfy the following criteria:
(a) The applicant’s business and business location must be easily identifiable.
(b) The applicant must demonstrate to the Commissioner’s satisfaction,the ability to maintain records in accordance with the requirements of Section 60 of the VAT Act.
(c)The applicant must demonstrate to the Commissioner, the intention to make taxable supplies. Where the applicant’s business operations have not yet begun at the time of application, or if the applicant has carried on the business for less than a calendar year; evidence  of  bank  loans  and  revenue  projections,  contracts or other  details  of  arrangements  to  make  taxable  supplies, feasibility studies, purchase of capital equipment, and similar information may be accepted by the Commissioner as evidence that the applicant intends to make taxable supplies.
Pursuant to Section 80 (1) of the VAT Act, a person who fails to apply for VATRegistration as required by subsection 11(1), (7) or (8) is liable to a penalty equal to double the amount of output tax payable from the time the person is required to apply for registration until the person files an application for registration with the Commissioner-General.