About Us

Established on January 27, 2000, the Guyana Revenue Authority (GRA) resulted from the merger of two departments, the Inland Revenue Department and Customs and Excise Department.  This change was as a result of the passing of the Revenue Authority Act, No. 13 of 1996. The GRA's first Commissioner-General (CG), Mr. Edgar Heyligar, spearheaded the formation of the Guyana Revenue Authority. The Inland Revenue Department and Customs & Excise Tax Departments were renamed Internal Revenue and Customs and Trade Administration.


The Vision of the Guyana Revenue Authority is to gain recognition and respect from its clients and other stakeholders, through its integrity and fairness in administering high quality, yet affordable programmes. The Authority's good standing will be earned though:

  •  Quality service and client education that meet the needs of our diverse client base; 
  •  Responsible enforcement of the laws based on the application of sound risk management, principles and practices;
  •  Fair, impartial and timely redress processes;
  •  Our sensitivity to the effects of administrative and legal requirements we must impose on clients and our efforts to ease the burden and cost of compliance;
  •  Skilled, knowledgeable and professional people, working in an environment that encourages and supports their personal and professional development; and
  •  Our commitment to open, transparent and accountable administration.


The mission of the Guyana Revenue Authority is to promote compliance with Guyana's Tax, Trade and Border Laws and regulations, through education, quality service and responsible enforcement programmes, thereby contributing to the economic wellbeing of the people of Guyana.



The Guyana Revenue Authority's goal is to provide the best possible service at an affordable cost. The Guyana Revenue Authority will achieve this goal by the following core principles:

  • Providing accessible, dependable and timely Service;
  • Being fair and respectful
  • Providing effective communication
  • Managing our resources effectively and economically
  • Being responsive and committed to improvement.